Are you considering to make changes to the structure or form of a building? A makeover in structure or style alters the appearance and function of a space. Increased productivity, improved property value and adapted environment for an evolving family are just a few of its advantages.

The Appraisal Institute of Canada shows that bathroom and kitchen remodels are the the most profitable investments, providing a return of about 75 to 100% that can be recovered upon sale.
Our most popular remodel projects include kitchens, bathrooms, basements, office space, storage and closet space.

So why remodel?

Because modernizing adds more utility to an existing space. Because redesigning is usually a lot more cost-effective than moving to a new location. Or simply because it is no longer suiting your reality. Remodel…because you have big dreams.

Maitrico has a passion for remodeling and guarantees that you will love your new space.

Doing it right. One remodel at a time.

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