Has the idea of refreshing a space been on your mind for a while? Renovating is the answer to bringing that space back to life.

The renovation process can usually be broken down into several steps: Planning – Design – Structural Repair – Rebuilding – Finishes.

According to Statistics Canada, home renovations account for nearly 40% of total residential investments.

This trend has been growing steadily from 25% in the 1990’s, and to no surprise.

Renovating is the most cost-effective way of restoring an existing space without changing its main structure.

​Some of our most frequent renovation projects include flooring, kitchen cabinetry, doors and windows, bathrooms, basement and painting.


So why renovate?

Because you want to improve the aesthetics of your space. Because you want to increase market value. Or simply because you want a change.

Renovate…because tastes change.

Maitrico has a passion for renovations and guarantees that you will love the change.

Doing it right. One renovation at a time.

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